Inter Insular Cup

Accuro Jersey Triathlon - Inter Insular Cup

The Accuro Jersey Triathlon Inter-Insular Cup (IIC) is a new annual cup, and 2020 will see top triathletes from Jersey and Guernsey (male & female) compete for points, across multiple age group categories within the Sprint Distance at the annual Accuro Jersey Triathlon event.

Triathletes from both Jersey and Guernsey hoping to qualify for their age group will submit their swim and run times from the Virtual Challenge and then the top six placed athletes in each age group (below) will be selected to compete on smart trainers in a ZWIFT race on Sunday 19 July.  

Jersey and Guernsey will go head to head on Sunday 19 July, with up to six qualifying riders competing for points across six separate races. The island with the highest points will be awarded the Accuro Jersey Triathlon Inter Insular Cup. The ZWIFT race will be a staggered start based on the qualifying times and the winner will be the first across the line.  

Age Categories
Male: Under 30s, 30 – 49s, Over 50s
Female: Under 30s, 30 – 49s, Over 50s  

Who is eligible to compete in the Inter Insular?

Triathletes registered for the Virtual Challenge Residents of the Island of Jersey and Guernsey or people who previously been a permanent resident (only off island for full-time study) and are in the island for the final on 19 July.  

Qualified Triathletes

Congratulations to the following triathletes who have all qualified to represent their island:

Over 50 Males:
Michael Charlton (Jersey)
Richard Flambard (Jersey)
Mark Cheqwin (Jersey)
Richard Flambard (Jersey)
Mark Cheqwin (Jersey)
David Cochrane (Jersey)
Daruisz Wrobel (Jersey)

Alan Rowe (Guernsey)
Mark Naftel (Guernsey)

30 - 49 Years Male
Dave Holmes (Jersey)
Steve Price (Jersey)
Richard Tanguy (Jersey)
Andrew Hardwick (Jersey)
Dan Garrido (Jersey)
Andrew Ruddy (Jersey)

James Travers (Guernsey)
Nathan Ward (Guernsey)

30 - 49 Years Female
Sam Lee (Jersey)
Melissa Messervy (Jersey)
Katie Silva (Jersey)
Claire Forbes (Jersey)
Lou Bracken-Smith (Jersey)
April Hamel (Jersey)

Louise Smith (Guernsey)
Amy Critchlow (Guernsey)
Emily Squire (Guernsey)
Izzie Grierson (Guernsey)
Magdalena Murphy (Guernsey)
Andrea Nightingale (Guernsey)

Under 30s Male
Tom Atkinson (Jersey)
Matt Geddes (Jersey)
Freddie Lucas (Jersey)
Joe Beddoe (Jersey)

Josh Lewis (Guernsey)
Josh Thornton (Guernsey)

Under 30s Female
Jade Wright (Jersey)
Katie Mulligan (Jersey)
Alice Harvey (Jersey)
Alison Dilien (Jersey)

Megan Chapple (Guernsey)
Sammy Yendell (Guernsey)
Nicolle Ward (Guernsey)

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